Take This Quick Phobia-Talk Therapy Test

This simple quiz can help you decide if Talk Therapy is good option for to get past your phobia. Talk therapy is an excellent tool for phobia treatment especially when combined with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is based on the premise that our thoughts and perceptions affect our behavior. The therapist, your therapist will help you develop a fresh perspective by understanding more about your phobia.

By changing your thought patterns, the therapy helps you develop new habits and behaviors. The goal is to prepare you for actual exposure to the phobia. You learn how to determine when your fear is valid, and how to overcome it when it is irrational.

Ultimately, you learn to deal better with the source of your fear when you are in its presence. CBT with other techniques alongside the basic power of simply talking to someone can and will bring positive results, the first step is your to take.

Our Talk Therapy quiz is only 12 quick questions and may help guide you to possible treatment, self help and professional options are available.

Please take the multiple choice quiz below.
I'm unhappy with the quality of my life.
At times, I feel sad or low for no reason.
I feel like my body and thoughts are beyond my control.
Tension and stress are plaguing me.
I'm prone to mood swings, and my emotions and actions are erratic.
The racing thoughts in my mind make me anxious.
I'm worried about something all the time.
Despite knowing that my fears are absurd, I feel powerless to stop them.
I only see the negative in everything.
I am terrified of what lies ahead for me in the future.
I feel a sense of hopelessness. It is unlikely that my situation will change anytime soon.
I have too much to handle at the moment, and I feel overburdened.