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Are you looking for an easy-to-use, free downloadable Phobia List PDF which includes all or most of the recognized phobias in the realm of psychology? Well, you’ve come to the right place. now has for your use our handy, comprehensive Phobia List A to Z PDF.

Whether you’re a student working on a research paper or school project, a professional crafting a presentation, or an individual seeking answers for different types of phobias, you’ll find our list of fears and phobias PDF is exactly what you’ve been searching for, including printable list of phobias easy to use.

And our complete list of common phobias and their meanings is organized alphabetically for your convenience, ready to download or print.

From ablutophobia to zuigerphobia, our all-phobias list is packed with phobias and their meanings. You’ll find everything from ecclesiophobia, a fear of attending church, to tonitrophobia, the fear of thunder. Do you know someone who has a fear of paper products? Well, you’ll find this in our list of phobias under papyrophobia. Or perhaps you’ve encountered a coworker suffering with a fear of machinery. That’s included, too, under mechanophobia.


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There are hundreds of both common and unusual phobias referenced in these informative lists, all waiting to be discovered by you, your readers, or your followers. The audience is endless. And so is the list. 

Has a friend or loved one been recently diagnosed with batophobia? Despite the name, it’s not bats they fear (that’s chiroptophobia). Batophobia is actually a fear of being close to tall buildings—a fear that may be related to one’s balance or equilibrium.  Such phobias are REAL and are generally considered to be anxiety disorders.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, an estimated 31.1 percent of adults in the U.S. will experience an anxiety disorder of some sort in their lifetime. Nearly 23 percent of those will be seriously impaired by their anxiety—phobias included. At, we’re working to shed light on those phobias, and we’re hopeful our Phobia PDF Download helps spread the word. 

Are you looking to supplement an article on anxiety disorders? Perhaps you’re writing a blog post on phobias that affect travel. Or maybe you simply need a visual reference for your paper on phobias in the workplace. Whatever your needs, our list of phobias and meanings pdf is the perfect complement. 

And since each of us have different needs in different situations, you’ll find our list of common phobias and their meanings is available in two options, both in PDF format. now offers the large 50-page list of phobias from A to Z and the more compact, 13-page list of phobias A to Z version. Whichever option, you’re sure to find the list of phobias and meanings that suits your purpose.

At, our list of phobias pdf is expansive. Considering all the phobias and their meanings, there are over 400 kinds of phobias currently available. And the phobia list continues to grow. That’s why we regularly update our phobia pdf. strives to provide the most thorough list of phobias a to z pdf available on the web today. 

Our list of phobias PDF can be used in endless ways. Include it in articles, research papers, and digital presentations. Embed it in blog posts or in social media posts. Share it as you see fit. It is free for private or commercial use, but we do ask (nicely) that in social or blog posts, you kindly link back to


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