15 Top Things That Scare Guys

A List of 15 Fears That Men May Have

Men are seen as strong and the defender of their families, country, and everything in the world. Due to this, many are afraid to admit they have any type of fear or phobia. The truth is that there are things that scare men. The top phobias that men have are listed below in no specific order. Some are strange and some make perfect sense, we hope this list is informative and useful.

1. Autophobia: Loneliness or being alone
We hear that women often worry about being an old lady with only cats as companions, however, men are often expected to have a wife and family or at least a girlfriend at all times. Men also have this phobia but many times are embarrassed to tell anyone. The fear of loneliness can be brought on from the expectations of society or from a childhood experience. Individuals do not need to be alone to suffer from autophobia, but just the feeling of being unloved or ignored can bring on anxiety.

2. Fear of Failure
Fear of failure does not necessarily mean in their career but it can include relationships, tests in school, or just life in general. The severity of the symptoms can be mild or paralyzing. Atychiphobia can have an individual paralyzed in fear and will have a panic attack at the thought of going to school or taking on a new opportunity at work.

3. Paruresis: Fear of Peeing in Public
Do you feel weird going to the bathroom in another person’s home? Maybe you wait until you get home to urinate. This fear of peeing in public phobia brings on a huge fear of hearing themselves going to the bathroom in a public restroom. The severity can be so bad that the individual suffering from paruresis can only go pee at home or with a catheter.

4. Gamophobia: Fear of Commitment
Hearing the words “spending the rest of your life with someone” can bring on a full-blown panic attack for those suffering from Gamophobia. The fear of commitment is not just an individual shying away from relationships and marriage but is a true phobia that can lead to a lifelong fear that stops the person from enjoying life. The cause could be a bad breakup or watching their parents go through a divorce.

5. Cibophobia and Chlorophobia: Fear of Green Food
These two phobias, Chlorophobia and Cibophobia combined are the fear of green food. Alone, Chlorophobia is fear of the color green and Cibophobia is the fear of food. Yes, this is one of the top guy phobias. Any green food such as broccoli, lettuce, or Brussel sprouts will bring on anxiety, sweating, and other symptoms. Some individuals are so fearful that they will not go to a restaurant or eat at anyone’s home due to the fear.

6. Allodoxaphobia: Fear of Other People’s Opinions
We all want to be accepted, however, some individuals have a fear of other people’s opinions so much that it brings on anxiety. The opinions of others are so scary that most do not attend functions where they can get those stares or words that make them feel worthless. Low self-esteem and high anxiety can make a guy stay at home and avoid others.

7. Pistanthrophobia: Fear of Trusting People
Everyone normally has a few reservations when meeting someone new. An individual with Pistanthrophobia cannot trust other people. This could be due to a terrible breakup or something that happened in childhood that brought on embarrassment. Due to this, a guy that has this phobia will not have any meaningful relationships whether a spouse or friend.

8. Gynophobia: Fear of women
If you get an upset stomach or have difficulty breathing when you think about women or see a woman approaching you, you may have Gynophobia. The fear of women is a true phobia that paralyzes men as they feel that women can make them feel weak or unmanly. This may be brought on by a previous relationship with a woman that had a strong personality or bossy. It may also be the result of an overly demanding mother.

9. Hypengyophobia: Fear of Responsibility
Throughout the years, men have been taught to be the breadwinners or at least bear most of the responsibility in a family. Men with hypengyophobia have a very difficult time handling responsibility. They may break out in sweats, have a pounding heartbeat, or feel like vomiting when giving any type of responsibility whether at work or home. The cause could be from failing to finish a task by the deadline at work or from not being able to finish chores as a child. The fear can cause the person the inability to work or raise a family.

10. Coulrophobia: Fear of Clowns
The fear of clowns may seem silly to many people, however, around 7.8% of individuals in the United States have this fear. The fear is so intense that going to a circus or even seeing a photo of a clown can in extreme cases bring on a panic attack. The cause could be from an incident during childhood or from scary movies where a clown was a murderer. An individual with this phobia will avoid all places where there may be a clown whether at a costume party or a carnival.

11. Kinemortophobia: Fear of Zombies
Everyone knows that zombies are imaginary. Those with kinemortophobia realize this fact, but that does not stop the fear. The fear of zombies is very real to this person. The fear is probably from watching zombie movies as a child. A person with this phobia will not a movie, read a book, or even look at a photo of a zombie without having anxiety. The fear is so strong they may believe that a zombie apocalypse is inevitable.

12. Escalaphobia: Fear of Escalators
Going to a mall and even seeing an escalator can make some people shake. Escalaphobia is an irrational fear of escalators that can bring on anxiety and other physical and mental problems. Seeing one in a movie can cause a person with the phobia to have a racing heart. The cause could be from falling on one or seeing another person almost fall even on television.

13. Nomophobia – Fear of Being without your Phone
In today’s society, all we see are people with their heads down on their phones. A new phobia is growing and that is nomophobia which is the fear of without your phone, having no connection, or the battery going dead. The fear can bring on a panic attack if the phone cannot be found quickly. A dead battery may have them looking for a charging station in panic mode. The phobia has not truly been studied and is not listed by medical professionals, but the fear is real for those with the phobia.

14. Ergophobia – Fear of Work
Ergophobia may seem like a strange fear, however, it is truly a fear. Fear of work or the workplace environment can cause an individual to have mild or severe anxiety thinking about going to work or while at work. Those with this phobia, if it is not severe, go to work but are anxious the entire time. The cause may be from an incident that occurred at a previous workplace or even from a parent talking about their unpleasant work environment.

15. Ablutophobia – Fear of Cleaning the Body
Being clean is important for our health. For those with ablutophobia, the thought of taking a bath or shower can cause problems breathing and in extreme cases panic attacks. Whether it is washing the body, taking a shower or bath, the fear is there. The cause could have started as a child that was afraid to take a bath or from even watching a movie where something bad happened in a shower or bathtub.