Pittakionophobia — Fear of Sticky Notes or Labels

How Common is Pittakionophobia

Unlike your friends who love to collect stationery items, do you see yourself escaping from the sight of sticky notes and labels?

Does the mere mention of sticky tags and stickers make you feel dizzy? Does the thought of labels put you in a state of haze and distress? Do you save yourself from going to the supermarket because it is full of food tags everywhere? Do you see those little stickers on fruit and vegetables and feel disgusted or bothered?

You may be suffering from Pittakionophobia, the irrational fear of sticky notes and labels. Own up to the fear, learn about it, and get appropriate treatment to deal with this phobia. Practice breathing and relaxation techniques, meditation, and yoga to get over this fear.

This article includes everything that anyone suffering from Pittakionophobia must be aware of. Learn what causes the phobia, the symptoms, how to deal with the symptoms, the treatment options, and more.

Some Things to Know About Pittakionophobia

Do you remember a time when someone asked you to pick an object but you couldn’t? It could have been something as harmless as an apple or a notebook, but you were unable to do it because it had a sticker on it.

You felt repulsed, anxious, and tried everything to escape and protect yourself from the situation.

You may belong to that small group of people that suffers from Pottakionophobia. This is a rare phobia that invokes a fearful reaction toward stickers and labels.

Pittakionophobia Meaning

Pronounced pit-ak-ee-ono-phobia, this phobia is a combination of two words—Pittakion and Phobia. Pittakion is a Greek word that stands for tickets or labels. Phobia means an irrational fear or aversion toward an object. So, together, the term stands for an irrational fear toward sticky notes, tags, and stickers.

How Rare Is Pittakionophobia

This is a relatively rare phobia. This may be the case as people who do suffer from it refrain from acknowledging it. They feel the fear sounds too silly for people to consider as a reasonable fear or phobia. They may feel ashamed to accept it.

What Causes Pittakionophobia?

The most common reason for Pittakionophobia is a past traumatic experience. Anyone who has had a distressing encounter with sticky labels in the past may get anxious when they come across stickers later in life.

Subconsciously, they have linked stickers and labels with fear, anxiety, and danger. This experience may have occurred during childhood, adolescence, or near adulthood.
The experience may include direct involvement with the sticker. The sticker may have stuck to the person on a part of their body. Or they may have observed someone else having a negative experience with stickers and labels.

How Pittakionophobia can affect you?

People who suffer from Pittakionophobia can get anxious when they see a half-torn label stuck on an object in a lousy shape. Or they can be fearful of the stickiness. The way this phobia feels varies from person to person.

As with any other fear, dealing with Pittakionophobia affects your regular routine. For example, a trip to the supermarket seems like a trip to the jaws of death. Understandably so, because you are likely to locate labels on products in every nook and cranny of the market.

Your emotions are not in your control, and you feel anxious, furious, and uneasy near labels or products with stickers on them.

Symptoms Of Pittakionophobia

The symptoms of Pittakionophobia vary. They depend on the severity of the situation that involves you and your object of fear.
To find out whether someone is going through Pittakionophobia, make sure to look out for the following symptoms:

Psychological Symptoms

● Extreme anxiety.
● The urge and need to escape from the situation with stickers.
● Lack of concentration and focus.
● Feel stressed, detached, and demotivated.
● Panic attacks and tension.
● No physical and mental control over the body.
● Lack of motivation to perform at work and low productivity levels.

Physical Symptoms

● Shortness of breath.
● Dizziness and feeling lightheaded.
● Sweating and heart palpitations.
● Increase in heart rate.
● Trembling and fear.
● Upset stomach and nausea.
● Chills and abnormal sweating.
● Rapid changes in the digestive system.

How Do You Deal with Pittakionophobia?

You can deal with and overcome your worst fears with constant practice and diligence. So is the case with Pittakionophobia. Although this phobia is not as expected or rational as most other fears, it requires the same attention.

The first step is to acknowledge and own up to your fears. The quicker you do it, the more in control of your fears you will be. Contrary to this, the more you avoid your fears, the more you will deter yourself from moving past them.

It is common for people to feel all panicky and anxious with fear. If you are stuck in a situation like this, take a break and get a breather. Try to meditate, read a book, or listen to soothing music to put your mind to rest.

Pittakionophobia Treatments

You can administer yourself one of many available treatments to get rid of the phobia as early as possible.
Advanced Transformational Hypnotherapy is the first step to treating this phobia. Through this, you can discover the origin of your fears.
Once you find the origin, the next step is to remove the incorrect belief or fear that has linked stickers and labels to anxiety.

Coping with Pittakionophobia

Is your fear coming in the way of your goals? If you want an easy way out to a peaceful life free of your fears, try the following steps:

Acknowledging The Fears

Make sure you acknowledge, accept, and embrace your fears. Get to know your concerns before you try to get rid of them. Encounter them any chance you get so that you have a better shot at removing them from your system.

Creating A Plan

Create a plan and a schedule that includes different ways to practice to deal with the fears a little better. This can consist of meditation, yoga, a day out with friends, or anything that puts your mind at peace.

Learn About Your Fears

A fear like Pittakionophobia is pretty unknown and new to people. So on the off chance that you are dealing with it, make sure to educate yourself about the fear as much as possible. Try to gather all the information about the fear to make a sensible decision on how to deal with it.

Final Thoughts
Fears can be unnerving. Especially something as rare as Pittakionophobia. However, you must not lose hope and give up on trying to overcome them. It may be hard to come face to face with your fears. But the more you do it, the more you will condition your brain to be less fearful of it.

The least you can do for yourself is seek help from someone. It could be a friend, a teacher, your parents, or better, a professional therapist. Get in touch with anyone you feel comfortable with and share your fears. We assure you that, in no time, you will conquer it yourself too.

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