Top 15 Things That Scare Gals

List of 15 Scary Things for the Girls

Do you think you know what scares the gals in your life? You may be surprised when you find out the top phobia’s that women have today. We all are afraid of something, but a phobia is much more than just being afraid. Anyone that has a phobia will tell you that it is a gripping fear of doom that causes you to sweat, have a fast heartbeat, and in some cases want to run for the hills.

1. Gerascophobia: Fear of Aging
Everyone male and female alike want to look their best and stay young. We may use different creams, dye our hair, and do other things to try to give a youthful appearance. Those with gerascophobia can begin to feel old before their time and feel ill, begin to feel ugly, and even want to stay indoors so no one sees them. Many times, those that have the fear of aging take plastic surgery to extremes. The cause is unknown except that it is an irrational fear that can paralyze individuals with just the slight thought of an upcoming birthday and become a year older.

2. Gephyrophobia: Fear of Crossing Bridges
There are bridges everywhere and most people never give them a thought, they just keep driving. Those with gephyrophobia may begin to have sweaty palms just knowing they have to cross a bridge to get to work. Children may close their eyes and hold their breath and even some adults. The fear of crossing a bridge is so intense that many women will take an alternative route just so they do not have to cross a bridge. The fear could be due to the fear of driving off the bridge or the bridge might collapse.

3. Bossophobia: Fear of the Boss
You may feel a bit anxious when the boss calls you into their office, but those with bossophobia may have a panic attack if that were to occur. Just meeting a supervisor or the boss can cause a person to be so anxious that they may not even hear the words the boss is saying. Anyone in authority can bring on the same anxiety. You may get sick to the stomach, sweat, or feel like hiding. The cause is often due to a past experience such as being fired or reprimanded for doing poor quality work.

4. Entomophobia: Fear of Insects
Have you sat and watched ants work the day away? A person with entomophobia would never do such a thing or even think about an ant without having high anxiety. The fear of insects often stops the person from venturing out into the world to parks or other places where they may see an insect. The fear could be from being bitten or stung as a child or learned from a parent that had the fear or was always cautioning the child about insects.

5. Aporophobia: Fear of Poverty and Poor People
In today’s world, there are many homeless people. Those with aporophobia will avoid any street where they believe they may see a poor person or those living in poverty. The fear is so intense that it can cause a person to faint or have a rapid heartbeat. The fear of poverty and poor people may come from a learned experience or from seeing a television program depicting these individuals in a negative manner.

6. Autophobia: Loneliness or Being Alone
Autophobia is an irrational phobia that may place women in bad situations. They are so afraid of being alone that they try to stay around others all the time if possible. The fear of loneliness can also be the fear of being unloved or unwanted. Isolation or even thought of going home to an empty home can bring on a full-blown panic attack. The cause could be from childhood whereas they were abandoned or by a parent forgetting to get them from school or other similar situations.

7. Achievemephobia: Fear of Success
Most of us want to achieve and become successes, or so we say. You may know an individual with achievemephobia. The fear of success is a social phobia that can bring on different physical and emotional responses including shaking or not wanting to get a promotion or get married. The cause may be afraid of fame, leaving friends behind, or possibly from childhood. A parent constantly telling a child they will never succeed can lead to fear of success.

8. Gynophobia: Fear of Women
You might believe that women should not be afraid of women, but the opposite is true. Men also have gynophobia but the cause is usually different. For women, they are their peers. They never want to look bad in front of them but those with the fear of women may hate that a woman looks better than them, has more money, or a host of other things. This can bring on high anxiety if they have to be around other women so they begin avoiding such situations. This could come from high school when so much depended on looks and they were not in the in-crowd.

9. Astraphobia: Fear of Thunder and Lightning
Do you watch the sky and news worrying that a storm may be approaching? The fear can be so strong for those suffering from astraphobia that they may begin to have anxiety in the morning when they hear that storms will be in their area in the afternoon. It is not the storm itself, but the thunder and lightning that causes these individuals to want to run and hide under the covers. They will try to ensure they are at home when they know a storm is coming to ensure they feel safe. The cause is often a traumatic event that occurred during a storm.

10. Germaphobia: Fear of Germs
Cleaning the home excessively or washing hands constantly could be a sign of germaphobia. Those with the fear of germs often spend so much time worrying about germs and trying to plan their day to stay away from any place where there could be germs. Germs are things like viruses and other illnesses. The thought of going to the hospital could bring on a full-blown panic attack. In many cases, the fear of germs began as a child when the child was sick or saw another loved one ill.

11. Emetophobia: Fear of Vomiting
No one likes to feel ill or vomit, however, those with emetophobia are afraid of vomiting. Not only are they afraid of vomiting, but are also afraid to see another person vomit or be ill whether in person, in a photo, or a movie. Just the thought of vomiting can cause the individual to avoid people, avoid alcohol, or medicines. They will begin to feel heaviness in their chest when they see or think of vomiting. The cause could be from having food poisoning in the past, being very ill during childhood, or having someone vomit on them in the past.

12. Aerophobia: Fear of Flying
Enjoying a nice vacation is something most of us dream about, however, if you have aerophobia, you will want to take a car. The fear of flying can bring on a choking feeling, rapid heart rate, sweating, and nausea. If your parents were afraid to fly then you could also have the phobia. Other reasons could be from watching the news regarding a plane crash.

13. Ornithophobia: Fear of Birds
Ornithophobia can be the reason someone does not want a pet bird or they may only be scared of large birds such as hawks. The person that has a fear of birds will try to avoid places where they may encounter the type of bird that makes them feel like they are losing control. They may begin shaking or have heart palpitations. The phobia could be from watching a scary movie, a bird swooping down and grabbing some of their hair for its nest as a child, or if the parents were afraid of birds.

14. Claustrophobia: Fear of Enclosed Places
Living in a big city and using elevators all the time could cause a person with claustrophobia to have a panic attack. The thought of any small enclosed place such as a room, closet, casket, or elevator can bring on sweating, anxiety, and unbearable fear. The phobia may have begun when the individual was stuck in a large crowd, in a broken elevator, or locked in a small room as a child.

15. Cynophobia: Fear of Dogs
Dogs may be a man’s best friend but several women have a fear of dogs. An individual with cynophobia may have both physical and emotional symptoms with the thought of a dog or seeing someone walk their dog. Anxiety attacks or only feeling dizzy can begin just by seeing a photo of a dog according to the severity of the phobia. As a child, the person may have heard bad things about dogs, been bitten by a dog, or a family member may have been scared of dogs.