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    Chrometophobia – The Fear of Money

    Decoding Chrometophobia – The Fear of Money

    Do you shudder at the thought of spending money? Or perhaps, handling cash gives you the jitters. You probably feel anxious or suffer from the fear of mismanaging money all the time.

    You also try to keep away from it as much as you can. If such is the case, you could be suffering from Chrometophobia. But what is chrometophobia, you might wonder. Chrometophobia is the phobia of money. As normal as it may seem, this is a real phobia that causes some people to act in self-destructive ways.

    Everything You Need to Know About Chrometophobia

    As you’re now aware, the extreme fear of Spending Money Disorder is known as Chrematophobia. Money is so sought in today’s society that it’s difficult for people to grasp the concept of chrometophobia. Money phobia? Ridiculous. Everyone loves money. But think back to a time when you met someone who was so reluctant to spend money that you labeled them a miser. Or, someone who was given money but refused to collect it with their bare hands. They might have been suffering from this phobia. There is almost always a deeper psychological explanation for people acting in such unflattering ways.

    What does Chrometophobia feel like?

    Chrometophobia goes beyond the fear of spending money. So what makes people with this phobia different? Well, people with Chrometophobia would rather not spend their money on essential products, even though they have the money, out of the fear of running out of money. Chrometophobia enables self-destructive behaviors around one of the world’s most valued commodities. People with this phobia are so reluctant to spend money, that the decision may come around and bite them in the back. Some people are even scared to earn money because they fear the responsibility and the negative effects it may have on their lives. On the other hand, some people hate the sight of money, while others have an overwhelming compulsion to always count money. It is a real and overwhelming phobia to deal with.

    Chrometophobia Causes

    There are many causes of Chrometophobia. If you grew up in a family where money was a constraint, then you are more susceptible to suffering from Chrometophobia. The major reason for Chrometophobia is experience. If a person has had traumatic experiences related to money, that may be the main cause of developing this phobia. They may have been bullied as a result of their financial condition. Chrometophobia is caused by past events like this, especially traumatic ones. Chrometophobia affects people who have had negative experiences directly linked to money. Like a businessman or investor, who went bankrupt or was duped. This could lead them to be extremely meticulous and anxious about regressing to that stage in their life. Money is a very important asset today and hence overspending has become a major concern for people. Most of us have an overwhelming number of bills to pay and may sometimes collapse under financial pressure.
    Another reason for having this phobia may be a result of the stigma around money matters and financial conditions. This could cause a person to develop negative emotions around the topic of discussion. Conversations around financial positions are generally looked down upon or seen as bragging or whining, it may be hard to talk openly about concerns over it.

    Chrometophobia Symptoms
    Everyone deals with stress over money. Pending rents, student loans, college tuition – there is just an endless list of money problems that bum people out. And often to curb expenses, we might have to give up unnecessary purchases such as mall shopping. In this case, people with Chrometophobia take things to the next level.
    Let’s go over the numerous symptoms that a Chrometophobe exhibits.
    Psychological Symptoms
    1. Constantly counting money
    2. Refusal to engage in activities such as dinners and outings
    3. Reluctance to collect and touch money
    4. Difficulty to hold a job or earn money
    5. Reluctance to buy necessities such as toiletries, tampons, etc.
    6. Anxiety when around expensive objects
    7. Avoiding the payment of important bills like rent, electricity, etc.
    8. Inability to sleep
    9. Anger, irritability & mood swings
    10. Withdrawing in social situations
    11. Fear of losing control over finances
    Physical Symptoms
    1. Dizziness
    2. Sweating
    3. Heart Palpitations
    4. Muscle Tension
    5. Headaches
    6. Nausea Or Diarrhea
    7. Dry mouth
    8. Shortness of breath
    Do you feel like you check at least 50% of these boxes? If that is the case, you might have Chrometophobia.

    Chrometophobia Treatment – How To Deal With It

    Living with Chrometophobia can be a nightmare. That’s why, if you feel that you are suffering from it, start working on managing your phobia today.

    Self Help – What Can You Do To Help Yourself?

    To overcome Chrometophobia, it is advised that you speak with a partner or a trusted family member about your concerns regarding money. Opening up to a loved one is an effective way to deal with a phobia especially before you choose to take professional help. However, these open conversations should be therapeutic rather than advisory. Since it is hard for someone to understand your phobia, their advice may come from a place of ignorance and have the potential to harm you. So, it would be rather helpful to talk to someone who will lend an ear to your fears rather than give professional advice. Yoga is one of the most economical ways to treat any phobia. It encourages self-discipline, which may aid in reducing anxiety about spending and working. It has the potential to reduce stress and improve quality of life. It aids in sleep for those whose fears and thoughts give them sleepless nights. There are a variety of yoga practices that concentrate on breathing and relaxation techniques. For Chrometophobes with constant headaches and migraines, there are yoga poses that can solve that problem.

    Professional Help for the Fear of Money – The Options Available

    There are several professional recommended treatments for Chrometophobia.
    Cognitive-behavioral therapy is one of the most effective methods of dealing with phobias. It is a therapeutic and goal-oriented approach aimed at enhancing one’s mental well-being. Anxiety patients are frequently treated with this therapy. The therapy helps in determining the source of the fear and alleviating its symptoms. The most common advice for people plagued by their phobia is “face your fears”. Well, this is what Exposure Therapy does. This type of treatment is administered by a medical professional. The professional encourages the patient to confront their phobia. For example, spending reasonable amounts of money on necessities or touching dollar bills. The therapist tries to ensure that the more the patient is exposed to the fear stimulus, the less intense their reaction gets over time.

    Learning to Cope with Chrometophobia

    The truth is that no therapy can completely guarantee curing you of your phobia. So, in order to lead a normal life, you need to start working on your phobia. This does not imply harming yourself. But, you can only begin to make improvements that decrease the intensity of your fear.

    Wrapping It Up

    Chrometophobia is primarily defined as a fear of spending money. The truth is that financial concerns are very reasonable. It promotes self-discipline that helps put a roof over our heads.
    When it becomes a phobia, though, things get complicated. Anxiety has the ability to kill a person’s spirit. But hold your horses – there’s some good news. There are numerous treatments available to assist you in overcoming it. If you feel you need help, seek it today.

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