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Ranidaphobia – Fear of Frogs Phobia

Ranidaphobia is an excessive Fear of Frogs Phobia

Are you terrified of frogs, afraid of the stillness or sudden jumping?

Do you break into a cold sweat when you see photos of this bug-eyed and slimy creature?

Are you scared of going near long grass and stagnant water because a frog could start jumping?

Do images of frogs keep flashing through your mind, frogs sitting still then all of a sudden jumping? Is it hard to concentrate on your daily activities because you are too buried in thoughts about frogs? You may be suffering from frog phobia.
Have you ever wondered, “Why am I scared of frogs?” It seems like such a silly fear. However, you are not alone in being anxious about frogs. Frog anxiety is one of the most common among all animal phobias.

Good thing it’s possible to manage the symptoms with a combination of self-help techniques and professional intervention. But first, let’s take a closer look at this phobia.

Ranidaphobia - Fear of Frogs

Everything You Need to Know About Phobia of Frogs

What Is the Fear of Frogs Phobia Called?

Ranidaphobia is the extreme and uncontrollable fear of frogs. A lot of people don’t like how frogs appear. Their croaking can be quite creepy especially at night. And if you live near a pond, you’ve most likely experienced being startled by a jumping frog.

But what if a terror of frogs brings your life to a standstill? Then what you have is a phobia. You’re probably thinking, “Why do I have a fear of frogs?” After you have established where this fear came from, it is possible to put it under control.

Is There a Phobia of Amphibians?
Batrachophobia refers to an extreme fear of amphibians. These are cold-blooded vertebrates like frogs, salamanders, and toads. Batrachophobia is different from Ranidaphobia. The latter is a specific animal phobia while the former has to do with a larger group of creatures.

What Causes the Fear of Frogs?

The specific cause of frog anxiety is unknown. It varies from one ranidaphobic individual to another.
Childhood experiences are strongly associated with phobia formation. You most probably had an awful experience with a frog when you were younger. Maybe a frog jumped into your food, and that was it. The events of that dreadful day made an indelible mark in your mind.
You could also have developed frog anxiety from learned behaviors. When younger, did you ever observe older siblings screaming and reacting to the sight of frogs? Perhaps you saw someone play a prank with a live frog and witnessed the hysterics that followed.
In some folktales, frogs are not well-presented. They are portrayed as cursed beings or as an ingredient for an evil spell. These stories can be a significant contributor to frog anxiety.
Frogs are sometimes associated with dirty places like toilets or swamps. You could develop a phobia of frogs if you have major issues with uncleanliness. Have you ever gone camping as a child and found that you did not enjoy the experience? If you are anxious in nature, there’s a higher chance that you’ll develop frog phobia.

Phobia of Frogs Symptoms

Specific phobia symptoms play out either physically or psychologically. Physical symptoms manifest immediately upon spotting a frog or being touched by one.
In contrast, psychological symptoms play out even when a frog is not in sight. This is the ultimate frog phobia test.

Physical Symptoms
● Sweating
● Trembling
● Shortness of breath
● Nausea
● Upset stomach
● Increased heartbeat rate
● Dizziness
● Crying and mental breakdown

Psychological Symptoms
● Overwhelming anxiety when around frogs
● You refuse to even look at pictures of frogs
● Your whole life revolves around avoiding frogs
● You spend most of your time worrying about how you will encounter a frog
● You avoid places where frogs lurk, like the swimming pool or bodies of freshwater

Self-Care Tips to Cope with Ranidaphobia

How do you overcome the fear of frogs? There is no specific treatment for frog fear. What you can do is adjust your lifestyle and apply techniques to help you cope. These tips do not guarantee that your frog anxiety will vanish. However, if applied consistently, the information should help reduce your anxiety.
Self-care is all about what you can do by yourself. Although not professionally administered, phobia sufferers have discovered that they work fine.

Expose Yourself to the Object of Fear

Expose yourself to frogs. This is an effective way to get rid of frog anxiety. Start by telling yourself how irrational your fear is. Fear is as big as you make it. Let it register in your mind that the frog you are exposing yourself to will not bite you. You might end up overcoming frog fear by yourself without seeking any help from a professional.
Allow Yourself to Unlearn and Learn

Read about frogs and what they can do and not do. You might find yourself looking at these creatures differently if you realized their role in the ecosystem. Allow yourself to unlearn the negative perspective you have about frogs by looking at their good side.

Apply Relaxation Techniques
Relaxation techniques include breathing in and out and positive meditation. Counting also helps in relaxing your mind. Do this before leaving your house especially if you’re going someplace that has frogs.
You can also do self-affirming to change your thinking pattern. Tell yourself how much you don’t fear and how much frogs don’t send you into freezing mode. With time, the self-affirming will start to reflect in real life.

Seeking Frogs Phobia Treatment from a Professional

When you consult a professional, expect to go through some form of therapy. This healing procedure usually does not involve the use of drugs. It relies on psychological treatment.
Exposure Therapy

You will be exposed to frogs slowly in controlled settings. It may start with pictures and illustrations, after which you move to videos. After you have passed this stage, you are introduced to a real-life frog. While it is not going to be easy, exposure therapy works to alleviate the phobia completely. As soon as you can face a frog without fear, the problem is solved.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
In Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a professional will walk you through unmasking your emotions and thoughts. You will be required to share what you feel and think about frogs. The therapist’s work is to help you understand your thoughts and emotional patterns and how best to change them. With frogs, your negative perception about them will be changed for more a positive view.
Take medications as a last option. They only serve to relieve physical symptoms and not psychological. When combined with therapy, they can work together to bring your phobia under control.

How to Deal with Ranidaphobia

Have you been running away from frogs your entire life? Now, you don’t have to. While taking off seems like a solution, it will make things worse. The more you run away from frogs, the worse your fear will get.
Facing your fears sounds better than taking off. Start by looking at a picture of a frog. Watch a video next, after which you should watch a frog from a distance. Move closer to a frog no matter how many chances it takes. When you can confidently stand a frog’s presence, try and touch it.
Don’t forget to reach out to the people around you about how you feel about frogs. They may relate and help you cope. On the other hand, they may laugh and start teasing relentlessly. They may use frogs to scare you, but know that sharing this information is already a big help.


Imagine running away from a harmless creature only to trip and hurt yourself in the process. That’s why you should seek urgent medical help when frog phobia starts interfering with your productivity. If you start having panic attacks, you need support from someone you trust. You have the power to lessen this anxiety.
The next time you spot a frog, apply relaxation techniques like breathing in and out. Force on the fact that the creature is not out there to cause you any harm. Just skip kissing the frog to find your Prince Charming.

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